For the Birds


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With its abundance of avian life, from shore birds to majestic raptors soaring over local farm fields, Goddard State Park is a paradise for birds and bird watchers. Many of the volunteer projects at the park focus on our feathered friends. The American bald eagle is often seen on perches overlooking Lake Wilhelm.

Ospreys nest on shore aeries where they can dive for dinner from their doorsteps. Volunteers erect nesting platforms to lure the birds away from hazardous electric power poles.

Purple martins have flocked back to the lake as a result of the nesting box program. Keepers inspect the martin houses regularly to eliminate pests harmful to the young, and monitor growth and general health of the young birds until they fledge.

Over 100 bluebird boxes also receive care by our volunteers. Local boy scout projects have enhanced the park's wildlife habitat as well, while sportsmens' groups and individuals assist with activities of personal interest to them.

Turtle platforms, fish structures, insect boxes and bat houses provide shelter or refuge to species in need. Projects for groups or individuals may be discussed with park management.







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Goddard State Park Volunteers

Goddard owes much to the many volunteers who contribute their time and talents to the park.

Robert Miller Gayle Hillkirk
Gene and Adda Free

Several volunteers were recently honored at Music at the Marina, Goddard's 40th anniversary celebration. Robert Bartley Miller and Gayle Hillkirk were recognized by park manager William Wasser and Norma Anderton (from state representative Michelle Brooks' office) for their military service and service as park volunteers.

Wasser also shared his 40th-year citation from the state with long-time volunteers Gene and Adda Free.



2012 Goddard Volunteers Picnic